Reflective Summary (Our Online Identity)

Comment 1 – Guo Yixin
Comment 2 – Patrick Wong

The debate on digital identities appears to be a rather intensive one.
But I have to say that the discussions on my blogpost and those on Yixin’s and Patrick’s
had led me to change my view and standpoint slightly.

Beforehand, I was rather adamant that a person should minimise the creation of
multiple digital identities as it can lead to an air of mistrust and lack of integrity.
Of course, this definitely still hold true and appears to be the norm that the internet is going towards.
Facebook is one example of an online social media giant that is trying to enforce this by deleting accounts that are fictitious.

I do still agree that having too many accounts or personas can lead to a negative effect in the long run.
It is never a pretty sight when the identity we are trying hard to keep secret becomes revealed.
But multiple identities can also be a double-edged sword.
While the disadvantages are numerous, the advantages of it are also there for us to make use of.

Take mine for example.
In my blog and comments, I had already expressed how I had on purpose,
kept identity differentiation to a minimum.
And that the information I give out online had been vetted vigorously.
All might seem well at first glance and one might even say that I have a pretty good handle on it.
But the truth is… I had basically dug a grave for myself. (Figuratively speaking, of course.)
Since my employers and friends gets the same information about me online, there are no secrets.
I had neglected to draw a line between my personal and professional personas.
This means that my current/future employer will be able to dig up quite a bit of dirt on me. (Not too much, i hope…)
I had, by my own hand… destroyed quite a few potential job opportunities. (Being dramatic, i know.)
The advantage is that differentiation could help to filter information to the intended audience.
(Which is something i did not make use of. Hopefully over time, I will get to rectify this.)

Multiple identities is thus not always bad.
But we must take care on what information we reveal.
You’ll never know who’s looking.

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