Reflective Summary (How Professional Is Your Online Profile?)


Comment 1 – Easter Lim
Comment 2 – Guo Yixin


In my initial post yesterday, I emphasised on the importance of our social media when it comes to
crafting our professional profile. A few of my peers questioned why I did not go in-depth on
the ways in which an authentic online professional profile can be developed.
Subsequently, discussions with Yixin and Easter coupled with those in my comments section
challenged me to rethink on a few issues that I did not cover or elaborate on yesterday.


Reliability of Authenticity
When it comes to the creation of an authentic profile, there is the chance of having falsehood and
half-truths being mentioned inside their profile. How then can the recruiter verify?
We should always try to be truthful and honest in our profile instead of exaggerating unnecessarily.
If we are truthful, then we will be in a better position to withstand the heat of the workplace and meet the expectations.

Multiple Identities
Relating back to Topic 2, I discussed about the pros and cons on having multiple digital identities.
What happens when we attempt to create a professional profile?
What should we do to our personal identity? Do we destroy it?
Is it a case of “Is it either one or the other?”
What we need to do is make sure there is not too much of a discrepancy between the two.
Make sure that subsequent postings do not put us in a negative light.
Developing a professional profile does not mean we need to kill off other online personas.
Display positivity and truthfulness. There can be co-existence.

Good Branding
How do we brand ourselves?
The way I perceived it, personal branding and social media goes hand-in-hand.
Since employers tend to look at our social media, we need to do a proper cleansing
of it before we are in a position to create a professional profile.
No matter how well-crafted my LinkedIn profile looks,
it will all be for nothing if there are a lot of racy photos on my Instagram.
Creating a good impression on social media is the first step to developing
an authentic professional profile.


Essence of it all
An authentic profile does not just apply to the digitised version of it.
It involves having the right character, mindset and attitude.
Thus I believe the true way to developing an authentic professional profile is by first looking at
ourselves and making sure we are really AUTHENTIC and PROFESSIONAL.

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