MAN2049 Digital Profile – Self Test (Start of module)

-Accessing, managing and evaluating online information-
For starters, I would rate myself a 3.
I’m tempted to go for a 4 but I know there’s definitely room for improvement.
In academic studies, good referencing is of the utmost importance.
Sources must be checked and double-checked vigorously for truths and untruths.

-Participating in online communities-
Definitely a 4.
If by online communities, we mean social media… then yeah.
Joined Facebook 2007
Joined Twitter 2009
Joined Instagram 2012

-Building online networks around an area of interest-
Sad to say, this is an area I’m lacking in.
By the end of this module, I hope that I will have a better understanding of the hows.

-Collaborating with others-
If there is a zero, I would definitely rate it so.
I do understand that in the field of marketing, collaboration (both online and offline) is detriment to success.
Therefore, I will try my best to improve in this field.

-Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video)-
I do some elementary editing skills.
I used to do quite a bit of photography and edits.
Audio, Video… not so much.
Definitely place for improvement

-Managing your online identity-
Before I embarked on this undergraduate course, I was a civil servant for 10 years.
I learnt through the hard way that nothing online is private.
People can, and will judge you based on your online posts and identity.
Great care must be given to the crafting of our online identity.

-Managing your online privacy and security-
It’s safe to say that in cyberspace, nothing is secure.
Information is basically, a free-for-all if you have the know-how.
I’ve been very careful thus far not to post any sensitive information or photos online.
The way I see it, you run less of a risk if you don’t expose yourself to it.


Greetings, my friend.
My name is Edward Ting.
And it has been years since I last blogged.
My last site was taken down after the company was sold off.
Years of blogs gone. Just like that.
Therefore I am slightly reluctant to start up another.
Here’s hoping this WordPress will do better.

This blog is started up as course requirement for my degree programme.
-Living and working on the web. MANG2049
12 days of lessons for this module is, in my honest opinion… too short.
But isn’t it that the human mind thrives in a stress environment?
I don’t know about yours, but mine does.

What you will read here on will be my thoughts and reflections.
Enjoy and feel free to drop me a comment.

Edward Ting Han Yao